Saturday, January 12, 2013

A good strategy to have a positive thinking as a habit in your daily life

     Now we have a big picture of how we can acquire from having positive thinking ,so must have a good , and well strategy to have more power through the daily life challenge.But that, you must have a desire to have it, a decision to make it real,and believes of your abilities to have theses wonderful feeling that can help you truly in your life.To have maximum benefit , you must have your own clear goals to be able to have more positive , and motivational things in your life.To have motivation to set your own goals you must see the upcoming video and continue reading.

    So now i think you have a good well to set your own goals.Due to these goals makes your life valuable, make you responsible with important things in your life that prevents any negative thoughts penetrates your brain, provide you with the feeling of achievements, and progress in your life. This the first secrets of having a good mode of positive thinking ,so are you ready to set your goals or not. 
  Getting your own positive mode will change your world due to you will have a tool to overcome your daily challenges ,and tasks .Examine the next figure correctly ,and then continue reading.
Benefits of having positive thinking

   Now you can apply a view steps that they are really cover the whole aspects of life:
1)Change the ideas and thoughts that they are associated with any problems or challenge in your life
In other words, any problem in life have a certain sets of ideas, so if you change this ideas you can have a different view and consequently a different results of it .
2)Problems and suffering exists only in cognition 
 you can conclude from that if you change your cognition about any problem , you can have a clear view about problem that you may discover there is no problem at all.
3)Spiritual solution
Are you have any problems before, and ask our GOD for helping you for solving or removing can discover that how you will have if do do that in any time with any problem or challenge.
4) Change the ideas by the method of replacing the negative believes
Did you have before a better change in something in your life, then  
you discover later this change disappear gradually within time.This is occurs due to you change one aspect of this problem that it absolutely the outside aspect that it causes the problem, but you don't your inner believes inside yourself about this problem.For example, when you need to be fitness ,you follow a certain system that cares your physical problems in your life,but you don't use psychological aspect to adopt yourself to the new life.  
5)Don't be the problem itself ,disconnect between you and the problem
This appears when you blame yourself due the incidence of the problem rather than concentrating on the solutions.At this case you can to remove this problem remember that you can do countless miracles but the the problem is an activity with one reason if you solve this reason the problem will disappear consequently and your life experience will increase.  
6)Learn from the past, live in present, and plan for the future
Past represents your treasury in your life , you can not live in it with your body, but you can live in it with your thoughts,and at this moment the problems appears.So, you to be more effective in your life, you must only take the experience from the past, not to remember the experience negative thoughts itself.Second, we all live in the present,past, and future does not exist at this moment .So,try to exploits every moment with all the best and lovely things, and remember exactly it may be the last moment in your life.Third ,future is a reflection of your past , and day ideas.To have a clear future you must plan for your upcoming life to know exactly where are you going next days, and suppose the best ,and worst actions that they can modify your stated plan.
   At the end, I would like to inform you you take a very important action towards a better life style, just begin applying theses simple information not at any time else and you will discover the whole change in your life.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Are you try to think positively

     One of the missing criteria in our life is miss understanding of how to be always in positive mode with all life pressures and challenges.First see this video and then continue reading.
Positive Thinking Courage

            Now i'am sure you have a good well determination, and total view about what you will have if you stay positive in any time.Let's ask you some questions, you must answer all of them wisely to discover yourself whether you think positively or not. Did you face any challenge before and overcome it, did you face catastrophic before and exercised your life without sorrow or fail, are you dealing with your public relation normally or having a problems with dealing with some people, are you consider any fail as an experience or not,,,etc.  
   So, let's show the benefits of having positive thinking:
1)It is a source of power due to it helps you to solve any facing problems or challenges.
2)It's also a source of freedom because it makes you free from pain and difficulties that is caused by restrictions of having daily negative thoughts .                                                                                                              
    This your own selection to take the benefits of having positive thinking mode or not.So, to be convinced to have the positive thinking mode in your life , you must know the characteristics of the positive thinking character.So, let's know them know: 
1) Always have a good relation with our GOD and believes of having a solution for any challenge or problem just instantly by asking our GOD for help.
 2) Have a good high values
The successful character always lives with high values whatever any challenge or daily problems.
3) Have a clear vision
The successful character always have a clear goals for future, and always planning for small, intermediate, and long goals .
4)Concentrate on solutions when facing any challenge
The successful character knows that any think you concentrate on it will cancel any other things to be able to achieve it that derived from the law of concentration .So, try to concentrate on how you can solve the problem rather than the problem itself.
5)Benefit from challenges and difficulties to improve his or her life style
The positive character not only concentrate on solution but also on how to benefit from the previous experience to plan the upcoming life.
6)Any current problems and upcoming challenges can not affect his or her life balance such the spiritual, medical, social , financial ,and personal side .
7)Have a good confidence for achieving his or her own goals and defensing for achieving them
The successful character accepts any unexpected modification to be able reach his or her own goals .
8)Lives with hope and struggle, and patience 
In order to achieve goals ,every successful character must have these characteristics .
9)Social and love helping other
Positive people always have the intention to help anyone without waiting any revenue.

    Now you have to examine the motive yourself by imagining how you can get if you have these characteristics.This is the first step to be a good and well positive character, and consequently positive life.Just modify your life style to see the results and modifications in your daily life.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Do you know why many people have negative thoughts(2)?

      Human feels with comfort when having a place live in it, work provide earning for live, and people love and live with them.
                                                                                                                           Albert Einstein      
        So, now are you get useful something from the part one, i hope that but don't worry if you not take a whole view of these aspects you will get the another but you must honestly  put in your mind the desire to change, the courage to be successful in any aspect of your life,and the practice practice practice on discovering yourself to know which one of theses aspect apply to you. let's now discuss the the remaining aspects that causes negative thoughts , but before that examine correctly the below picture ,and the continue reading.       
        So , now i expected you have a large view about what i'am going to discuss.The previous picture describes your method of your thinking as a try to get into your brain to discover answer to many related topics about your daily activities .You now may be wonder a bout what i mean, if that okay that correct and fantastic.

The first thing is negative life routine that you apply everyday
         This mean you the same thing every time expecting to get a different result.For example when you wake up everyday you take a shower, take a cup of coffee,arrange your needs, and go to work without any concentration about how you can add to improve your day activities for instance cancel the unnecessary activity that waste your  time and cause you to go work late  ,,,and so on.So, you must have a different activities every day to assure that you enjoy your life .But you must put in your consideration the priority of doing anything because everyday for anyone have a constant activities that must be done such as praying,,, etc. 

The second thing is the inside effects 
        I mean here your view about your self-concept such as self-image,self-confidence,self-concept,self-acceptance,self-esteem,self-image,love and self-respect,and ideal self all of that reflects the the subconscious.So,if you always think negatively for the previous aspects, you destroy your soul by yourself.And that comes from repeating negative thoughts consequently to yourself and connecting it with your feelings so that it becomes belief. So, pay attention about what you talk to yourself,and always talk to yourself not only positive and active thoughts but also with optimistic manner even though you fill in something please do that ,and by practice you these aspect becomes a manner ,do that 21 day and ask me if that not happen.
   To have a whole look about yourself to discover if you deal with own character correctly or not answer the following question:
    Do you accept yourself as you are?
    Do you fell there is something inside you you don't like?
    Do you appreciate yourself and abilities or feel you are          less the other?
     Do you love yourself as you are or states conditions for that?
By answer the question you can know a little about your self-esteem so if there is something fault you have to fix or improve it and that things also if there is there is in it so you must compensate it.
   Remember that the negative inside effects can destroy your life by yourself so so importantly pay attention to it.

The third thing is the outside effects
     This statement here to declare how you can the other can affect your mode, decision to do anything you want,make you leave your dream.Example of that is when you see someone smoke you may be by time take this habit.Regrettably the outside effects may be the most important aspect of losing the main goals, and injury with all types of organic ,psychological disease .So, now you must pay attention much to what abuses your decision and dreams except that is useful for you and also pay attention to any experience that will give you positive things, try that and i'am sure you will have a large immunity to any bad environmental aspects.  
The forth thing is living in the past
        So, you doubt now i'am a mad man. The true solution for this puzzle is that there is a lot of people have this bad habit of thinking continuously about what happened in the past but sounds good i'am sure of that . Regrettably, by nature and with many aspects of the life most of this backing memories is negative thoughts that is makes us sometimes  be in bad mode because you at this moment tills yourself things gives you this feelings.So, what can i useful from that; the answer for this problem: 
1)Is to live any moment as the the last moment that you'll get in your life.
2)Think correctly about any previous experience as a miracle
try to get its positive aspects on you ,and cancel the negative aspects in it but you shouldn't make it a gain later , think how theses negatives adds to you.
3)Know the wisdom that is states the past is already happened, future will occur later, and you always live in the current period not in the past and you don't have the probability that is assure you will live in the future , so don't miss the current state without anything brings a happiness to you.

The fifth thing is the negative concentration 
       let me ask you some question to test the availability of this thing in yourself or not.Do you always think any trouble occurred  to you as a disaster or not, do you always think on negative thoughts that is occurred at any experience, do you think of any problem as the end of world or not,,, and etc.By answering these questions you'll get brief analysis on how your concentration going through you.After that you will discover that the negative concentration makes the human to apply all own attentions to current challenge and cancel all positive things that is exists in life, and repeat it until it becomes a thought that is causes not ends problems.

The six thing is the low mood status 
              Do you feel in a certain day that you don't want to do anything or to talk to anyone?. These all under the definition low mode status.

The results of low mood status:

1)Family Problems that is results may be going to divorce 
2)lose many opportunities .
3)The people who have low or bad mood are always like  sharp facial expression, negative attitude,nervous, and always in silent with no talking to other, close ,and prefer to be alone.
        So, the solution for this problem you should have the ability to do different things everyday, and you should love the current activity as much as you can if not change it once. 
The seventh thing is the negative companionship 
      This mean when you deal with people that they always talks negatively about anything all the time .Consequently, they makes you concentrates on negatives,so that makes the mind open all topics with the same type .So , the solution for this problem is to deal with people almost the time talk positively and they are optimistic .
    Always remember  that negative thought cause negative companionship reinforcing negative thoughts and makes the human lives in negative surroundings causes a lot of challenges and troubles for this person .
 The last thing is the media
        The media have a large role for directing the people to affect something or do something regardless its positive or negative.So, you must notes what's happening in this and control it by seeing positive and useful things that is can add something to you.

      So, i'am now mentioned the majority that is generates the negative thoughts all you have to do is to pay attention to these aspect and try to not make it exist at your life to have more and more confidence at you life ,so read correctly the two parts of negative thoughts and practice practice. you will find after that the difference at your life , so don't miss that.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Do you know why many people have negative thoughts(1)?

   Do you to live with negative thoughts? ,do you have a little bit about the causing of this thoughts?,and you can imagine your live to discover that personnel.There is many causes that generated the negative thoughts but first you must imagine the below picture to help you to know how the negative thoughts is so bad.

       So, i expected you have a whole picture on how the negative thoughts make on yourself, therefore its the time to know its reasons to avoid it partially or completely. 
There is many clear reasons that is causing the negative thoughts:
1) Away from God
        I mean you must have a good relation with our God because this gives you the unlimited power and help that can help you to avoid troubleshooting of your day and also it can easy your life dealing and and so on , so you must do your work required from you and do many charity things that can give you good and will determination so there is no way to lose that .
2)The previous programming
       At any time you remember any previous experience you always have huge amount of good and bad memories, your brain has a property of applying these memories at any upcoming events so in you live in your previous negatives you always apply it on any similar upcoming events and that is so horrible you more than you imagine.Example of that , if you programmed from your first seven years old and (i mentioned this period because its represents the main and basic formation of the whole life character,that is came from our parents,social environment, and so on) , to be nervous with loud voice with your dealing with any situation in your life ,it becomes a habit all your live except if you learn a methods to not only control it but also cancel it at all with good things. 
3)No clear stated goals
        Do you anytime dream to be something or to perform anything you want, do you ask yourself why you are living?,what's your life in your life,,, and so on,these aspects explain what i mean by stated goals.The important of that aspect is that goals always makes your life full with unlimited power than you can imagine, this power makes your life clear, limit, and at so times cancel the negative thoughts, ow wow that's sound seems good .
        The lack of stated goals in the human life makes the unlimited power to be lost, completely lose life meaning, fear
,and anxious of the future.
          Remember to always have a stated goals working in it to not lose your excitement  and to be able to face life challenge with no negatives at all.
         That not all be attention the previous causes and  later you will know more about that because it is a large topic ,so you must have a break to have a time to examine them, and apply them all. 
       To be continued later thanks a lot for your interest.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Do you think correctly or not ?

       Every time  you walk up in the morning everyday you always have to do many things for the future and to continue many things that is hadn't ended yet. So, what do you do if you have large huge tasks have to be achieved ,what's are doing if you have many problems , do take decision instantly or take a large time to take it . So, there is many things a bout the way of thinking that you must have in your life to be in good, health, and will determination conditions all the time.So, let's go deeper for this important topic to know the main secrets of it but before that imagine the below picture correctly.
Good advice for better life
       So,let's know ask you a gain some questions but you must truly answer them before you continuing reading by your point of view.
what do think about negative thinking can you differentiate it with positive thinking, can you control negative thinking,do you think why the majority of people having negative thoughts causing loss,
mental illness  and also membership,steal from them happiness,keep them from achieving their goals,cause the hurts,,,,, and their is many questions you can states more and more about the horrible effects of negative thinking but now have a time to answer the previous questions take a break with large breath as you can with beautiful location and with large quit white paper and answer answer to discover yourself firstly, and imagine the below picture to help you answer correctly,,

The results of using negative thinking
      Now i think you understand what i mean,so now have a whole picture a bout how the negative thinking will affect your life negatively.Do you know the largest enemy for you is the negative thoughts but if you can control or cancel theses bad thoughts it will work for you like big bomb to make your mode good, and so on.So, you wonder from where this negative thoughts come from the answer for that is simply from you due to the accumulated bad and uncontrollable experience, no one at the whole earth can change it except you to serve you with good side, and balanced life with full of happiness.IF you are thinking so much about what happening in the past ,in the future, always anxious and fear from the future , life today with negative feeling and thoughts makes you in a series of challenges and problems you should notice that you you are follow in  your life negative thinking ow my good,,,,,,,

  Now take a break and read the previous topic correctly to discover correctly what's your method of thinking in life , and later you will know more about this horrible thinking and you can change it and the reasons for that and more more.
                                                      To be continued  later thanks a lot for your interest

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How about your personal life happiness?

     For yourself how about your daily activities, how you states it,how you control it, do you think it is better for your day,upcoming days,and and you can now sates what's losing , and should be modified. Let's go deeper at theses important points to exploits with larger effect at your life, remember remember theses aspects have larger effect on your own will determination,so let's discover the journey.

          And know did you ask yourself before about my tasks, mission,career, and so on.The reasons i ask you theses questions is that simply if you have a variety of good and important tasks everyday that is certainly makes your life clear as long as much you imagine, due to it is energize you to do everyday useful things , so consequently  try to states your needs required in your life. This makes you everyday have more and good will determination.

     So, always try to have a clear program for your previous , and upcoming tasks this stated program certainly makes you everyday energized with will determination due to it makes you everyday something that makes you going a forward and useful steps to fix your previous defaults, and upcoming career ,,,, simply you can know your essential activities that is required everyday from the previous picture .Don't worry these items will be discuss later with more details, and how they affects your life.

                                                  To be continued later thanks a lot for your fabulous step to not only improve your life but also increase your success.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's Your Thoughts about Will Determination?

     At first i'd like to ask you some questions, and  i hope to answer them truly.From your previous experience,is will determination is good for everyone all the time?, what's this power come from?, what's the effective of this power in your life?, do you think the good will determination is very important for achieving your goal or the success?, and you can suggest your own questions, but first try to answer all the previous questions, and than continue reading to know the main clue for theses questions .And don't worry you will find the proper right answer, and imagine the below picture to have a good view about what's making a good power for anyone.

          Do you discover how this person makes to reach the top of the mountain , and what's the risk is voided for this goal . Now, is anything needs the power of this man to achieve his or her goal .This magnificent power is called determination. Is you thought this power is limited to some people or anyone have this power.The answer for that is everyone have this power except that how everyone use it or generate it at a proper time .So, by imagining the previous you can know that the will determination is a very important thing for everyone, due to it generates a huge demand inside mind to continue any progress or experience that is running now regardless of any facing problems, or obstacles.Now, you ask me a bout the source of this power i till you simple this power is coming from yourself  in other words if you always sure you have you will success , or you need this something strongly , finally you will get, and i don't sure you will not do that of course you will not.In other words, this is depends on your talks to your unconscious mind if you till it positive thoughts , you will take positive actions and if you till it negative thoughts you will take negative actions.Are you know now the effective of this power,,, it is like a water that enrich your body with oxygen and other useful things, and at that moment i sure that you know what i mean.

          Any success in your life needs more good will determination to achieve it, so try to not lose the will determination for creating any upcoming events so now,,,,, 
        Try to think always positively, and always till yourself i can do that i can do that, and repeat this statement many times with confidence you will get that this is the first thing to generate your own good and will determination in your life ,so try to not lose it , and later recognize more about.

                                                     To be continued later thanks a lot my dearly for your own interest.